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Hildegard von Bingen

Free online info evening event
29th Feb 2024

Have you ever heard the name Hildegard von Bingen or heard about her teachings and medicine?

Plants, Herbs & Aromatherapy

A 1:1 consultation to understand where plants can help your overall well-being.

Hildegard Von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen was a German nun, doctor, naturopath and intellectual. Her concept of a holistic lifestyle is very similar to TCM and Ayurveda.


Workshops and courses where you will create your own beauty products out of kitchen cupboard ingredients and medicinal plants.


Reiki is a form of holistic therapy relating to energy healing that takes you into deep relaxation. In this 45 min session we will use crystals and aromatherapy oils to help you achieve a more balanced and relaxed state.


Explore seasonal herbal recipes using ingredients throughout the year.

Yoga And Ayurveda Retreats

Yoga and ayurveda retreats on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.